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Years of

Mastters & Chambers is Firm, in arena of Legal Profession and Advocacy On verticals of Legal professional Services we render sophisticated services for our clients on Solicitation, Litigation, Registration/Licencing, on diversified subjects of Law, Policy & Compliance.

Primarily Corporate Commercial Laws ranging from Corporate Commercial law including Companies Act, Insolvency, Competition and Anti-Trust, Privacy, Data Protection and Information Technology, Telecom, Media & Broadcasting and Intellectual Property Laws. We are among well recognised professionals both in Indian as well as in Global Territories.

We are a Firm of well experienced team of Attorneys and Subject Matter Experts including Counsel and Lawyers having command on laws of their respective practice areas.

Our team of Attorneys provide assistance and directly execute mandates, assigned by our Clients. Our team comprises experienced Attorneys, Solicitors, Executives, Associates and Para-legal, legal E- Discovery professionals to meet the Regulatory and Compliance requirements of our Clients.

We hold good experience in Licensing with Government Ministries, Compliances and, Managing Nodal Agencies, Government Departments and Licensing Authorities, ensuring that we adhere to time lines, while meeting the highest professional standards. We represent our clients and their cause on their behalf with in systematic mode of Corporate Communication with Government & Other Bodies.

Since 2004, IPR has been our focused stream of services, be it Registration / Prosecution/Litigation. We are managing the IP Portfolios for our clients in entire Indian Sub-Continent, and Managing Global IP portfolios. Covering entire Europe, African, ASEAN, and Middle- East Countries. American Sub-Continent, Australian Continents.

We have been delivering efficiently on legal need of our Domestic and International clients. Our approach towards our client’s legal problems is seen from business and commercial aspect and co-related primarily with business interests and pro-market demands. Whilst keeping Government Policies/Law and Global Trends /developments in notice.

The commercial aspect of any legal consequence, decision, clubbed with multiple levels of solutions and available options are informed to clients. These are values added by our team of Professionals.

We at Mastters & Chambers work on code of Three -Ts (3-Ts) which are

Time Bound, Turn-around/Delivery of services, from our end, specially service/work, which are in our work domain.
Trust build up on complete disclosure of Service and Cost involved. We work for the best Interest of Clients & our Pay Masters.
Technology & Technique, use of these tools with Digital & Ultra-Modern, quick and efficient Technology, which is part of our Work Culture and systems. Work with us for your legal prerequisite and we shall deliver the same on your terms and Satisfaction!


“If Our Pay Master Earn/ Benefitted, so do we”. We adhere to Simple and Basic thought, if we can assist in benefitting our clients than we earn value and our Professional Fee!

We are Believer of notion, that there should be minimum Litigation que Disputes of Our Clients. First all attempts be made to resolve the Dispute with available option, in Systematic & Record Based manner!

We exercise, rule of Balancing and Weighing, to the cases of our clients, to find out possible consequence and results, both Adversarial & Advantageous!



We work on Principle of ‘Substantive Services Based on Knowledge’(that why we are called Mastters & Chambers). We work towards substantive Facts Finding/Cases Papers/Evidence/ Governing & applicable Laws, Current& Latest Precedents passed by Highest Courts.

We go by Substance, reflected in work, not by mere words.

Knowledge of subject is of paramount importance in delivering Professional Services, We keep track and updated ourselves on Government Polices, Laws, Amendments & Notifications, and Legal Precedents.


Mastters & Chambers is in profession of Advocacy and Solicitation for the last more than 50 years now, it was initially a Chamber Practice established by our Chairman Mr. Chander B. Arya (Advocate) in the year 1970 with moderate but niche client base. In the field of Commercial and Banking Civil law, primarily on Land Acquisition, Real Estate and Banking & Commercial Laws. His name became quite prominently known amongst his clientele and started growing organically with the passage of time with his hard work and legal acumen. Late in time consciously more practice areas were inducted, making a large team gradually. In 2004, Mr. Sandeep Arya added more diversified practice areas, with vision and Structure of ‘Law Firm’, from ‘Chamber Practice’, making convergence with the changing times and advancement of Information technology, Digitization and Media Boom.

Today Mastters & chambers has become a full service law firm, providing innovative solutions to its Domestic as well as International clients not only from the legal stand point but also as regards to their business and operational issues. The Firm has an in-depth knowledge with an integrated team of Experts. In addition to the legal expertise, some of our lawyers have worked in companies in the T-M-T Sector Including Management Positions. With a proven track record in advising clients across all the sectors from Start-up, Companies to some of the sectors largest players - our lawyers have been involved in some of the landmark cases and deals and advice regularly on sector defining projects. The Firm has extensive experience of assisting clients on all stages of their business, from the legal analysis required for an investment decision to the drafting and negotiation of a contract, including discussions with the relevant regulatory authorities or dispute resolution. The Firm practices at every forum and every any area of law, which suits the need and requirements of the clients. Litigation, Corporate Advisory, T-M-T, IPR and Arbitration are our key area of practice.

Contributing to Nature

Make a real difference – for every IPR Portfolio you assign to us, we pledge to plant a tree and maintain it for better Environment in your name ,for future and our present day, and forestation of barren land in your name.