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Safeguarding Your Trust Data Privacy Practice at Mastters & Chambers.

In today's digital age, protecting client's data is paramount. At Mastters & Chambers we understand the critical nature of data privacy and security. Our dedicated Data Privacy Practice offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your information remains secure and compliant with evolving regulations.


Our Expertise

  • Data Protection & Compliance:We advise on the legal framework governing data collection, storage, use, and disclosure in India, including the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023. (DPDPA)
  • Policy Development & Implementation:Our team drafts and implements robust data privacy policies aligned with best practices and regulatory requirements.
  • Data Breach Response & Management:We guide you through data breach incidents, from notification protocols to mitigation strategies.
  • Cross-Border Data Transfers: Navigating complex regulations for international data transfers is our forte.
  • Data Principal/Subject Rights Management: We ensure adherence to individual rights regarding data access, rectification, and erasure requests under the DPDPA2023.
  • Technology & Security Solutions:We collaborate with security experts to recommend data protection technologies and robust security protocols.

Why Choose Us?

  • Deep Legal Knowledge: Our Attorneys, Counsels and lawyers possess in-depth understanding of Indian data privacy laws and international frameworks like the GDPR
  • Practical Approach:We provide practical and actionable advice tailored to your specific business needs and risk profile.
  • Proactive & Collaborative:We work closely with organisations to develop a comprehensive data privacy strategy that evolves with your business including Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).
  • Commitment to Excellence:We prioritize client satisfaction and deliver exceptional service at every step.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve:The data privacy landscape is constantly evolving. We keep you informed of upcoming regulations and industry best practices to ensure your data privacy program remains effective.

Privacy by Design or by Default, Rules of riddle, simplified.

Range of solutions are offered on Digital Personal Data & Privacy laws in form of Advisory, Compliance and Dispute handling & management including Litigation, at all levels Data Controlling or Processing, internal and external in Advisory or Compliance. Team Mastters & Chambers, have Privacy Professionals at the level of the Forums i.e. Data Protection Board or at Appellate Tribunal stage within Indian and at International Territories and Jurisdictions.

We offer to design and customize solutions be it Compliance, Advisory, Consulting or representation before Court of Law for our valued Clients.

Our team of Experts and Attorneys who are certified from Internationals Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP-US) such as CIPP-E. We also take pride in being supporting partner and members of esteems originations and affiliated to IAPP and Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI).

Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023|EU Data Protection Laws| Regulations (GDPR)|US Privacy Laws.

Data Protection and Privacy laws sufficiently apply all the organizations and shall be applicable on all equally whether or not, Organizations are Signatory to GDPR or US based Privacy law, or Processor or Data Fiduciary /Controller.

All Product or Service based originations fall under the Privacy law and Rules in current policy and law making privacy law dynamics. International law demands any origination to be Compliant to the Data Protection Law as applicable to them.

On Compliance and adapting the privacy policy either by Privacy by Design or Privacy by Default are some of customized solutions depending upon the size of team and Organization.

On Compliance and adapting the privacy policy either by Privacy by Design or Privacy by Default are some of customized solutions depending upon the size of team and Organization.

We advise in maintaining Records of Processing Activity (ROPA) or data inventory or data maps, with legal compliance of applicable Regulations and Rules.

Guidelines from European Commission and other bodies like European Data Protection Board (EDPB), implementing regulations and laws (like CCPA, EU GDPR, Chinese Data Protection Bill, India's Personal Data Protection Bill), different types of solutions, even new laws and legal framework(s) to comply with a privacy law.

Representing before the Data Protection Board and Appellate Tribunal i.e. Telecom Dispute Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) we have team of Expert Attorneys and Privacy Professional with adequate technical support who hold requisite expertise on the subjects and hands on experience in these Forums and Tribunals.



  • Advisory and Consultation on Internal Privacy & Data Policy and Implementation.
  • How to Achieve adequacy level in No EU Territories
  • Contract Management on Drafting & Vetting of Controller and Processor.
  • Organizational Privacy management, Compliance & Audit.
  • Representation before Forum and Tribunals.
  • Dispute handling and litigation management

Data Protection, Privacy laws or GDPR we are a team of professionals to guide and protect our client’s interest.