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Telecom,Media Broadcasting, & Information Techonology

In sphere of Telecom, Media & Broadcasting, clubbed with Information Technology and Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 with Aadhaar Act 2106 appeals, on the orders passed by Adjudicating Authority and Data Protection Board are to be dealt by Telecom Dispute Settlement & Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT). We represent our clients at different Forums starting from Data Protection Board, at initial Stages of dispute then also on appellate side at Telecom Dispute Settlement & Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) and till to the Supreme Court of India. Since 2008 Mastters & Chambers are handling their clients legal Disputes in said legal Streams.

Technology is changing and improving at a pace, if not faster than light, at least at the same pace. In every sphere of Human life and Business and sector all across, it is effecting and changing the dynamics how people are interacting and communicating. Life and surroundings environments are not speared from technological advancements, its touching all, be it Human-to-Human, Human-to-Machine (Device/Artificial Intelligence) Machine-to-Human or vice versa, and Machine- to -Machine. We facilitate our clients when it comes to legal understanding or dispute in nature of legal rights and obligation involving such technological deemed entities and persons, onus and liabilities are to be defined within the legal frame work of present day laws.

Convergence | Global Technical Standards | Global Practices |
We advise better with legal clarity to benefit your business needs, while dealing with technology.

Telecom Disputes and Litigation arising between Government of India as Licensor(through DoT Department of Telecommunication) and Licensees which are private Telecom Services Telephone and Mobile Service Operators.

Inter-se Disputes between Two or more private Telecom Operators on revenue of Call handling, Transit, termination charges etc. or telecom Infrastructure Sharing and Revenue disputes.

Disputes between Telecom Infrastructure provider and Telecom Operator.

Tariff Order ,Directors and Regulations issued by Industry Regulatory

Media & Broadcasting Disputes between Regulatory and Stake holders.

DPO and Distribution platforms issues and interest recovery and revenue sharing.

Compliance, Communication, Representation, Licensing in the Telecom & Media Broadcasting Sector.

Cyber Appeals under Information Technology Act.

Aadhaar Appeal from the Order of Adjuratory Authority.


Achievements in Telecom Media & Broadcasting Sector by our Firm

We were first among team of lawyers to file Carriage Recovery cases against Broadcasting Companies. Viz. Sahara TV Sahara TV, Sahara India Group, ABS Media Etc. and won.

We are first to have filed cases against defaulters in CAS (Conditional access System) Operators, and won.

We have provided consultancy to the India’s First ‘Spectrum sharing’ and ‘Spectrum Trading’ Transaction as per DoT (Department of Telecom) and TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) Guideline and Regulations of October 2016. , Telecom Spectrum or Air, waives were as was assigned to Videocon Telecommunications Ltd. to Bharti Airtel in 2016.